Harrolds X Artioli made-to-measure

The Artiolis are a prominent Italian family, made so by their pioneering of handcrafted shoe development through the 20th century.

Severino Artioli handed down his skills and knowledge to his descendants, Vito and Andrea, both of whom have carried on the namesake and skill of the predecessor. Their strong lineage has resulted in the worldwide success of the Artioli lines.

They’re credited with the invention of the slip-on shoe with elastic under the tongue, metal trims and the reinvention of a more stylish soles of shoes. Impressive stuff for the time, which is something all too easy to overlook in this modern day of fast fashion.

Harrolds┬árecently so generously invited one of the Artioli shoe making masters, Andrea, out to Australia to, by appointment only, craft and fit shoes for Harrolds most deserving clients. Putting themselves on the Italian map and building the rapport of Australian men with custom made kicks; Harrolds knows what’s up.

Harrolds Artioli shoes custom made


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