Hard copy memories with PosterCandy

Since Instagram came about some two years ago, photos and the sharing of them has gone through the roof. It’s a wonder ‘the internet’ can sustain the amount of content flying around and has done for as long as it has.

That aside, there’s no lying that the old adage a picture tells a thousand words has struck a definite chord with Gen Y and Z.

Instagram has taken the place of our photo albums and replaced with with a to-the-minute online archive that is exempt from destruction, loss and immediate access anywhere, any time from anything. Despite that, we all still have a soft spot for the nostalgic family photos hanging from the wall, happy snaps with friends on trips and weekends away sitting on our desks and photos of the day when ‘that’ happened tucked away in the nooks and crannies of our homes.

Poster Candy is a nifty little creation that has allowed the magic of Instagram’s online album capabilities to be translated into hard copy printed memories for our enjoyment.

Powered by Look Print, PosterCandy turns all our favourite Instagram shots into professionally-printed high quality posters with a range of sizes available.

With a website that links to your Instagram account to give access to your photos, all PosterCandy posters are professionally printed to fit into a standard IKEA frame and easily interchanged once you decide it’s time for a new memory to be put on show.

The process of making a PosterCandy poster takes less than about five minutes and with the option to track down particular hashtags, it gets easier and easier.


Sizes available include 30cm x 40cm (RRP $19.95), 40cm x 50cm (RRP $24.95), 50cm x 50cm (RRP $29.95), 50cm x 70cm (RRP $34.95) and 70cm x 100cm (RRP $49.95), plus $9.95 Australia-wide shipping.

See the website at postercandy.com.au

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