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Relaxed style, effortless colourations and constance-deyfing prints, the Handsom collection is very much just that; handsome.
In a new term that I am dubbing ‘preppy alternative’, the look is just that with buttoned-up button-downs and solid colours with an undeniably clean-cut look teamed with a lick of the trend bucker, the Handsom collection is very cool.
They’ve followed-on from the preppy tones of previous seasons and played around with a bit of English heritage both through colour and style. Casual fabrics, misproportioned knits and polos with contrast collars punctuate the collection, staying true to Handsom’s signature.
They were founded in late 2009 by designer duo Sam Rush and Henry Allum. From day one, the couple have created collections of modern essentials, with an emphasis on considered detail. From humble beginnings, recent collections have seen the brand steadily expand and evolve, all the while maintaining a signature sports-prep look that fits comfortably on the Australian scene. Handsom’s presence has been further cemented in the Australian marketplace with the launch of their flagship store on Melbourne’s Gertrude Street in 2012.
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