Handels Messiah Brandenburg Orchestra THE F 2

The Messiah is finally coming to Sydney and Melbourne!

The Brandenburg Orchestra is one of those Sydney institutions that offers something different. Debatably it belongs in Melbourne where the independently-crafted music scene is much more a burgeoning force, yet it remains to command the slice of town that is its’ and this season is back with one hell of a show-stopper.

Handels Messiah Brandenburg Orchestra THE F 4

Handel’s Messiah is doing the rounds between Sydney and Melbourne this February and March by the Brandenburg Orchestra, under the charge of its founder, Paul Dyer.

The orchestra has previously won five ARIA awards, so you know its good, and has single-handedly reborn the baroque style of orchestra into the modern day, with a unique flare all its own.

The story of Handel’s Messiah is a steeped in Christian religiousness, so it’s not for the dramatically aetheist, but you can at least appreciate the choral work that features one of the most well-known librettos in the world…

“Handel was the greatest composer that ever lived. I would uncover my head, and kneel before his tomb.” That’s what Beethoven said about Handel, the great master of the baroque and composer of what must surely be the world’s most performed concert work, the oratorio, Messiah.

“The Messiah brings people such overwhelming pleasure and it is easy to understand its phenomenal popularity.”

Handel’s Messiah is on from 22 February to 4 March in Sydney before moving to Melbourne for the 25 and 26 February.  

 Handels Messiah Brandenburg Orchestra THE F 1
Handels Messiah Brandenburg Orchestra THE F 3

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