Handa Opera Sydney Harbour Carmen THE F big dress

Why you need to see the Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour production of Carmen

Few things in this world as an adult can leave you dumbfounded, but the forthcoming production by Opera Australia of Georges Bizet’s ‘Carmen’  is definitely one of them. And that’s being said without even having seen it yet.

Sure, we saw the interpretation of the romantic, saucy, firey, spicy (etc.) story of love and flirtatiousness come to life in the Sydney Opera House only recently, but when Opera Australia reimagines it on a pontoon floating in the middle of Sydney Harbour to an audience of a few thousand, you can imagine the spectacle.

Handa Opera Sydney Harbour Carmen THE F case pose

Carmen is the story of a fiery, bohemian gypsy woman in Seville, Spain, whose appeal to over a few men puts her in prime position for some great undertakings and a tragic and romantically-fuelled climax that leaves you nothing more than down-trodden.

Carmen quickly carved a name for itself in the firmament as one of the world’ most popular and renowned operas for its stunning, well-known and loved overture, Carmen’s passionate and supercharged ‘Habanera (L’amour est un oiseau rebelle)’ and the ever-popular ‘Toreador song (Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre)’ sung by the bullfighter. You’d know them all below…




Carmen on Sydney Harbour is taking place at Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair and the Fleet Steps on Sydney Harbour from 24 March to 23 April. See more and get tickets here.

Handa Opera Sydney Harbour Carmen THE F fireworks

Here’s another classic to whet your appetite…

Seguidilla (Pres des ramparts de Seville):

Handa Opera Sydney Harbour Carmen THE F full cast




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