Men’s hair tutorial 1: the everyday look

Like fashion and trends, hair and beauty move with the tides of the times and are a constantly changing beast of their own.

If you’re not in-the-know, they can be an epic pain to keep track of and boom! before you know it, you’re looking as daggy as last season’s kicks with nothing to do but wait until you body pumps out enough new hair to make the mistakes of the past magically disappear.

So it pays to keep ahead of the game and know not only what’s in style when it comes to your weave, but how to make it look that way.

I teamed up with Australian luxury hair salon Oscar Oscar at one of their most prestigious salons in Chadstone, Melbourne to have a play with a few model’s heads and learn how to put together some winning looks for the forthcoming spring-summer season.

The man you see styling the look is Jacky Chan, proprietor of Oscar Oscar’s Chadstone salon in Melbourne and leading hair dresser and stylist.

Hairstyle: the everyday look

Men look 1 - 11

How to get this look…


Men look 1 - 1 wash

1. Whatever you’ve got done to your hair; ruin it. We’re starting from scratch.

Men look 1 - 2 texture with spray

2. Secondly, prime the hair with Capital Force soon activator ($39.50), working it all the way through to add volume.

Men look 1 - 3 blowdry into position

Men look 1 - 4 tease into quiff

3. With a tunnel brush, gently fold the hair in the direction you want it to go (right), while blow drying for a base hold

Men look 1 - 5 apply medium hold clay

Men look 1 - 6 warm the product

4. Warm some Aveda men’s grooming clay ($39.95) hair product with two hands to make it easily workable.

Men look 1 - 7 work through hair from back to front

5. Work through the hair, working from the back of the head to the front. This makes sure you don’t wind-up with clumps of product and ensures an even application.

Men look 1 - 8 style hair into shape

6. Gradually work the hair in the direction that you blew it dry in earlier, keeping it in place with the newly-applied product.

Men look 1 - 10 twist for texture

7. Grab select ends of grouped strands of hair and twist and fiddle them together. This will create some great texture and make the hair style more interesting to look at.

Men look 1 - 9 spray into place

8. Spray into play using a light layering of Aveda Control Force ($39.95).

9. You’re done.

Men look 1 - 12

Photos by Meagan Harding.

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