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The greatest thing to happen to Opera since the Sydney Opera House

If there’s one thing you need to add to your bucket list is to see the opera. Doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter when, but with technology being as awesome as it is these days, none of that really matters and the Victorian Opera is all about proving it.

The company is the first in Australia to offer a streaming service for its opera performances via something called The Opera Platform.

In a first for opera the country-over, the Victorian Opera streamed La Sonnambula by Bellini on the app, taking 19th century storytelling into the modern day.

The Opera Platform was launched in May 2015 and is curated by lead partner Opera Europa, the leading service organisation for professional opera companies and opera festivals, with Victorian Opera being the first Australian company to join the organisation.

La Sonnambula is Victorian Opera’s first production to be streamed, available free and on demand and follows the Victorian Opera’s first foray into live-streaming in 2016 with a concert exclusively available to company subscribers, The Darkest Night.

The company’s next live-stream, Three Tales, will be performance highlights from three commissioned works by Katie Noonan and Zac Hurren, Stefan Cassomenos, and Dermot Tutty, each assigned one of Flaubert’s Three Tales. The complete works will be presented in Victorian Opera’s 2019 season.

Take a peek below and watch the full opera by clicking this link.

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