Great Dane moves to Sydney

By Claudia Wood. 

It’s easy to spot the Great Dane showroom in Sydney: the glistening floor to ceiling windows at the shop front are bursting with light, illuminating a world of Scandinavian luxury.

You can’t help but be impressed as your draw closer to the refurbished showroom and are met by two stoic and elegant, real life Great Danes on either side of the doors and flutes of champagne as your descend into the store.

The new-look Great Dane showroom is large, with different set ups down to the back of the store, each a different personality to the last. The warmth of each setting is duly noted and each design has been carefully presented to show you just how modern and chic your own living space could be. Soft, grey quilts are hung around the room to divide design spaces while a variety of lights hang from the ceiling in the centre of the showroom. Each space has been flawlessly harmonized with individual characteristics, ensuring no two spaces are alike.

Perhaps creating a classically Scandinavian sense of luxury is the use of reindeer skins of the floor of each setting, giving a lovely comfort and homeliness to the space (Scandinavian reindeer skins are a by-product of the traditional use of the animal for meat in Lapland and so completes the sustainable recycling process). The colour of these skins varies and complements the use of pastels and the variety of browns and greys used in each setting. The beauty of each space is defined by its simplicity, openness and uncluttered nature with the use of glass, wood and a variety of fabric textures from furniture and accessories.

The long standing Great Dane emblem now appears in a regal gold within a grey background, used in reference to the colour of the sky during the Scandinavian midnight sun. With the classic Danish and Scandinavian influences on the brand, Great Dane brings this simplicity and clean cut interiors to the Australian lifestyle, and now, so too does the brand’s identity.

Along with McCartney Design, Great Dane has reinvented their image to align with their evolving brand. Great Dane founder Anton Assaad has described this as “what Great Dane is today and what we want it to be in the future”. He went on to say that what makes Scandinavian luxury is represented by the Danish word ‘Hygge’, which means a pleasure in making ordinary things extraordinary.

With the warmth, clarity and simplicity that they hoped to achieve, Great Dane has made a wonderful effort to refurbish their flagship Sydney store and achieve this sense of ‘Hygge’ and homeliness in this space. As a cautionary to those with shopping addictions, the Great Dane Sydney Showroom will test your credit card limits.

Great Dane Showroom Sydney  2

Great Dane Showroom Sydney 1

Great Dane Showroom Sydney 3

Great Dane Showroom Sydney 4

Great Dane Showroom Sydney 5


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