Kerrigan Smoke Shack

There’s a great Aussie BBQ at Pier One Hotel with the Kerrigan Smoke Shack

Addressing the needs of the most outside inclined eaters of the world, the Pier One Hotel at Walsh Bay in Sydney has installed the Kerrigan Smoke Shack. And Jesus, it’s good.

It’s a new ‘smokin’ hot’ food shack that has docked down next to the Harbour Bridge for summer.

The Shack is all about grilled delights with smoky scents and views. Combine the three and you have one crazy easy and enjoyable afternoon treat.

The shack has a custom-made charcoal-burning grill and on-site smokery is dedicated to providing diners with an array of classic barbecued delights.

Think pork, prawns, burgers and all the bells n’ whistles like succulent meat smoked for up to 14 hours accompanied by homemade sauces, rubs and glazes.

With items on the menu like slow cooked lamb and pork ribs with a fragrant, sweet sauce and a side of slaw or the carved up smoked brisket served in soft tortillas with salsa, for one.

Tender chicken wings that come fried, or marinated with an Indo or Korean style dressing and the signature ‘Kerrigan Burger’ with house-made pickles and sauce is a must, served with a side of roasted sweet potatoes and paprika sour cream, your week’s caloric intake is done, but it’s damn-well worth it.

See more about the Shack here.

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