Grana Opens In Sydney

In time for its very first birthday, Grana has bounced into Sydney and landed with prime real-estate in the Queen Victoria Building from now until the end of January.

After making waves as an online store, the brand has opened up shop as a real life, brick and mortar stall for customers to get touchy-feely with the previously virtual-only garments.

Not to forget their online roots, the Grana pop-up has created a try-before-you-buy system in which customers can find their favourites among the sample range and then order the items online, all while in store. This ground-breaking system kills all the anxiety associated with online shopping (“what if I bought the wrong size!? What if cream is really more of a beige IRL?”) while maintaining the buzz of having a parcel of goodies arriving at your door.

Grana was founded on the idea of sourcing all the best fabrications from around the world to create a one stop shop for quality basics. Manly local, Luke Grana was inspired by the amazing look and feel of the cotton T-shirts on a trip to Peru and has since expanded Grana into Chinese silks, Japanese denim, French poplin, Irish linen, Mongolian cashmere and more to create classic styles in jeans, jumpers, shorts, button-downs, singlets and tanks for both men and women. Grana prides itself on offering the best quality garments for the best possible price by dealing directly with fabric mills to cut out mark-ups on prices.

Just like a fancy fusion cuisine restaurant, mixing two good things together can only lead to something greater – and Grana is leading the way with fusion in store/online retail as the way of the future.

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