Gram’s other half

Swedish design is one of the envies of the Western world.

Clean lines, classic designs and simple, detailed aesthetics make for a nation of no doubt really well-dressed people.

Many of my favourite brands stem from equally as many places around the world, but none so much as Sweden. And when it comes to what I put on my feet, I’d kick myself if I went past Grama Swedish shoe label that thrives off blurring the lines between casual sneaker and dressed-up shoe that seamlessly flip-flop between occasions.

They’ve been around since 2005 and are quite unique in the way they name their collections and styles; all after the overall weight of the shoe. Kind of weird, but very cool.

Gram 1

They’re popular in Stockholm and recently had a play with the city’s locals after they opened their newest store, which was a fun and typically ‘Gram‘ idea. Delivering by courier to unsuspecting Swedes, Gram gifted shoes with a hidden message. By following what it said, the recipients wound-up at Gram’s new store where they found their pair and left with a new pair of shoes. Winning!

They put together a cool video below.

See their collection at

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