Graham Norton wine

Graham Norton now makes his own wine for Cellarmasters – and it’s good!

Graham Norton – the name we all know and love from the comedy talk show by the same name – has decided that’s now time in his long and fruitful life to branch out further afield. And everyone’s glad he did.

He’s lent his name to the world of oenology, turning his no doubt well-refined palette for wine into something of a new venture.

Graham Norton wine

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The result? Striking.

His knowledge of how to blend fantastic wines like a professional vinter, the Graham Norton range of wines has been made in collaboration with New Zealand’s award-winning wine company, Invivo.

It’s an international success so far, with the range only being in its infancy, while expectations are high.

Find the range and purchase your own at Cellarmasters.

Cellarmasters are Australia’s leading purveyor of local and imported wines of all varietals to the tune of over 900. Their range is growing and they love nothing more than a good drop!

Feature image: The Sun

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