Grace Of Monaco Preview

By Holly Thomas. 

“You have come here to play the biggest role of your life, the Princess of Monaco”… The Kino Cinemas in Melbourne’s CBD welcomed viewers to its private preview screening of Grace of Monaco, directed by Olivier Dahan. Starring an array of Hollywood’s elite including Nicole Kidman, the cast stunned in this beautiful depiction of Grace Kelly’s life.

The movie is set in 1960’s Monaco at an integral point in the starlet’s life, perfectly portraying Grace Kelly’s identity crisis between her role as Hollywood royalty and as the Princess of Monaco. The story develops at a time of political difficulty for Prince Rainier of Monaco as he is deep into a dispute with Prince Charles de Gaulle of France, with an imminent invasion threatening the throne and the future of the monarchy.

Nicole Kidman plays Grace Kelly with amazing elegance and grace, with a perfect kick of feistiness and determination we would imagine Kelly to have in the prime of her success. Kidman paints a stylish and sophisticated picture of what one would imagine was a particularly difficult time in her life, struggling to connect with the people of Monaco in her new role as their Princess whilst slowly coming to terms with the idea that her role as the most adored sweetheart of the silver screen was no more.

The stunning Monaco backdrop serves as a picture-perfect partnership for Grace Kelly’s enviable and infinite wardrobe. The raw and relatable elements we see of the Prince and Princess’ relationship juxtaposes the enviable romanticisation of royal courtships that we are so used to seeing.

This movie is an excellent little window into a poignant time in the Princess of Monaco’s life and is a definite must see.

Grace of Monaco 2

Further to the film, leading Australian fashion illustrator, Kerris Hess has developed the below sketches as part of her excitement for the movie and respect and inspiraiton-drawn from the deceased starlet.

Grace of Monaco 1

Grace of Monaco 2

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