Good News For Indian Motorcycles!

The Indian Scout FTR750 motorbike has recently celebrated some great news, being the latest Indian motorcycle to make its racing debut in California!

It will all take place at the Ramspur Winery Santa Rosa Mile AMA Pro Flat Track race in Santa Rosa, California, where flat track racing legend Joe Kopp will ride it to victory. Hopefully.

The Indian Scout FTR750 is a clean-sheet design racing machine developed in-house by the Indian Motorcycle Racing engineering and design teams. The bike is powered by a purpose-developed, high performance 750cc V-Twin engine and features a unique, ultra-light steel frame, large centrally located airbox and sleek lightweight carbon fibre body. Much like the design philosophy behind Indian Motorcycle’s family of production bikes, the design and engineering teams built the FTR750 to artfully combine state-of- the-art technologies with design elements from legendary Indian racing models from history.

Needless to say, it’s an exciting time for motorbike enthusiasts.

Indian FTR750 Motorbike THE F






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