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Good Food Month Sydney: Matt Stone’s Brunch Series

It’s Good Food Month in Sydney! That means 31 days of food, celebrations, drinks and all the good stuff that goes along with it. Even Dan Hong and co are getting involved with a big shindig in Hyde Park Sydney.

If they’re not your speed, though, then Matt Stone’s brunch series has to be right up your alley. Right outta Oakridge, one of Victoria’s most sensational restaurants, he’s letting his passion for the environment and commitment to the zero-waste movement really shine in his pride-of-place event this October.

Stone will cook alongside Jo Barrett who specialises in breads and pastries, as she brings her expertise from Movida and Melbourne’s popular Tivoli Road Bakery to the park.

We spoke to Matt to get his thoughts on the whole thing and what it means to be involved with Good Food Month Sydney.

New dessert on the menu. Potato trimmings, orange, mead, bee pollen. Delicious @jobarrett #yarravalley

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Why does Hyde Park work so well for what you have planned?

It’s a great way to bring a taste of what we do in the Yarra Valley to Sydney. We’ll be cooking a few or our signature dishes with a Sydney twist.

Will your passion for the environment and commitment to the zero-waste movement contribute to your cooking this Good Food Month?

Trying to generate as little waste as possible is all ways at the top of our minds. Without our set up at the restaurant, it’s not so easy but we’ll be doing our best to get as close as possible.

Are we expecting big or small portions? How does your food lend itself to both?

We’ll serving a bunch of sweet and savoury bites to share as well as a “main course”. The food will be flavourful, light and plenty of it.

What will you bring to the Month that hasn’t been seen before to set you apart?

I guess it’s rare to get a taste of the Yarra Valley in Sydney as well as cooking with a heap of Australian native ingredients.

Find out more and get your tickets at the Good Food Month Sydney website.

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