Shannon Dooley Retrosweat Sydney Good Food Month October

Good Food Month Sydney: Food and fitness with Shannon Dooley

It’s not often you think aerobics and food would fit well together, right? That is, until you meet Shannon Dooley, the cardio-loving, lycra-clad aerobics-lover who thought it’d be a wild idea to combine her favourite pastime with food in October’s Good Food Month, Sydney.

Talk about a revolution.

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In the GFM event Shannon is hosting entitled ‘Not another Manic Monday’, it’s all about rolling out of bed and onto the dance floor each Monday during Good Food Month with Retrosweat.


In a vintage-themed, Lycra-clad morning dance party to kick-start your week, Black Star Pastry and Katherine Sabbath breakfast packs will keep dance-goers fuelled for the whole workout.
“Calories in meets calories out! The perfect combination. It’s all about balance in my opinion. At Retrosweat we believe in working hard and playing harder. Playing hard to me means being able to indulge in life’s little pleasures like delicious food or a couple of Malibu and pineapple juices without that dreaded feeling known as guilt. Regular Retrosweating is the key to this,” says Shannon.
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