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Good Food Month Sydney: Celebrate with Dan Hong and Mitch Orr

October in Sydney is Good Food Month, so there’s heaps to excited (and hungry) about!

For the whole month, the city will come alive with so many offerings for food and bev lovers the city-over, it will be like World Class Cocktail Week all over again, only with less hangovers.

Two pretty sensational names in the Sydney food space are Dan Hong and Mitch Orr who’re known for their flavours and chill vibes. They’ll be hosting a little shindig in Hyde Park aptly named ‘Dan and Mitch throw a party’, on Saturday 14 October from 7pm. See more info at the website here.

Basically, they’ll be serving-up morsels inspired by the tasty treats they devoured from the streets of Mexico, to a Noma pop-up and eateries in LA. Couple their kitchen skills with music and drinks and you’ve got a fiesta.

Dan has come to be known for both his great cooking and elaborate sneaker collection, while Mitch is a Sydney kid known to be the ‘Prince of Pasta’, proven by his tales of excellence at restaurant ACME.

It will be good.

Do you think Sydneysiders like South American flavours? Why? 

Definitely,  Sydney has a very similar climate so we love fresh vibrant flavours. And that’s what Mexican food is all about.

Why sneakers? 

I fell in love with sneakers over 15 years ago. It’s just another passion I have other, in addition to eating and cooking.

LA isn’t really known for its food scene – most people think of health fads and green juices. How will you change this? Is that the mission? 

Not really, LA has a diverse mix of cultures from Korean to Mexican and everything in-between. It’s a very laid back city much like Sydney. We just wanted to show people what type of food we ate over there, which was fun and very casual.

What are your favourite things about Californian and Mexican flavours? 

I love the fresh balance of flavours like herbs, lime and chilli. It’s actually a lot like Vietnamese or Thai food.

How will you turn these flavours into dishes that resonate with Sydney kids?

The balance of spice and acidity in Mexican food is much like south east Asian flavours which Sydney siders love.


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