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Gojima Japanese at The Star Sydney is 100% worth a visit

Sushi is a well-loved staple in most of our diets.

When you go to grab a quick bite to eat but you don’t know what you’re feeling like, sushi is always the best fall back option. It’s quick, easy and you know it’s guaranteed to be delicious. You know exactly what you can expect when you order your standard smoked salmon roll.

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Gojima has decided to change that and revolutionise our sushi eating experience with their delightful sushi burgers. Nestled within The Star next to other bustling eateries, Gojima offers us a contemporary Japanese dining experience.

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The eatery celebrated it’s very first birthday recently and thanks to award-winning chef, Chase Gojima, who founded the joint, it’s still going strong with it’s unique menu that blends Japanese cuisine with a Western twist. On the menu are sushi rice burgers, matcha thick shakes and even green tea custard.

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Gojima fills in a gap in the market because it offers us something that’s in between. Usually, we’re given two options; buying sushi from a hole in the wall stall in our local shopping centre or to go all-out at a Japanese restaurant with our friends. Gojima is in between all that. It’s not something so ritzy that we have to save up our pennies for, but it also isn’t something that we just reserve for quick 10 minute lunch breaks in the middle of the week.

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It’s a casual place where you can sit down and enjoy your sushi for a reasonable price, but it’s also a place where you can go with your friends for dinner because the menu is so quirky.

It’s a perfect place for all occasions because of the the lack of it in the Sydney scene. No wonder it’s still going strong one year later.

Happy birthday Gojima!

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