Glenfiddich’s Artists In Residence

Whiskey legend straight out of Scotland, Glenfiddich takes six artists each year to the distillery in the Scottish town by the same name.

They lock them away (not actually), for about three months, giving them every sort of artistic medium they could ever need to create any piece of art they could ever want.

The idea is to give back to the community something that will surpass whiskey and has a more prolonged length of enjoyment-span.

There are so many artists in the world whose passion cannot reach its full potential on account of financial or materialistic restrictions; so in this way, Glenfiddich can help those in need, while gaining the work of some of the latest and greatest artists.

Premiering their individual pieces in a carefully curated collection by their artist in residence curator Andy Fairgrieve, the artists of the current collection exhibited at the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair recently alongside a specially positioned Glenfiddich bar for guests.

Such talent, Glenfiddich is doing something truly great.

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Glenfiddich Artists In Residence, THE F, 2

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