All about Glenfiddich 1977 whiskey, Rare Cask Collection

Most of us love a good rebel, someone who stuck it to the man and did great things besides, well, William Grant the founder of Glenfiddich whiskey, did all that and delivered deep, rich and mesmerising nectar to the hands of us mortals.

His whiskey is coming to Sydney Airport’s Duty Free, an exclusive 40 year old whiskeey whose delicate rich notes will be sure that make you you sit up, be humble and ask, can I please have some more sir?

The richness of a dram is bolstered by the boldness of its past. Glenfiddich’s past is on-whiskey-fleek. In 1886, after 20 years of dreaming about drams of whiskey that would take palates around the world to new euphoric heights, William Grant, along with this family, took to constructing his vision of a distillery, by hand. For over a year they laboured and from that spot has poured over a hundred and thirsty years of alcoholic excellence.

When a family is described as “the maverick whiskey makers of Dufftown” you know you have to sit up, get the charcuterie plate just right, hope that Sean Connery got your invitation and get ready for whiskey that’s going to rock those flavour notes out of the proverbial bagpipe.

Glenfiddich is Gaelic for Valley of the Deer, fitting for a family run company that hasn’t stuck to the common walking trails but have forged on ahead, to create whiskey untainted by corporate politics, corner cutting or impatience. Every drop of Glenfiddich is personal, particular and passionate, a legacy from a family that put the whiskey before wealth and it shows.

The vision and heritage of a distillery is found within every drop that is opened and enjoyed at present day. Do yourself a favour, next time you’re flying out of Sydney International, get yourself a bottle of the 40 year old whiskey. At your destination sit on some heath, outcrop or just in front of any old cracking fireplace, sip and be revived.

See more about the special range available now, at their website.

Glenfiddich whiskey

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