What’s A Glamping Hub?

Memories of your childhood, time spent in cub scouts, family holidays or weekends away with your cousins by a riverside retreat might come flooding back when the word ‘camping’ is uttered; but what about glamping?

A trend that first reared its head circa 2012 as a chic, clean and more ‘doable’ version of a camping holiday, that instead of finding yourself as one with the outdoors, lended you instead to relaxation, pampering, cleanliness, gastonomy and general lazing. There’s nothing wrong with that, so far!

The Glamping Hub is one such company that cottoned-on to this trend and turned it into a business success story. Take a weekend, or a touch longer if you fancy, decide on your preferred level of ‘glamp’ or luxury and make a booking on a wide range of accommodation options around theĀ world from the US to Europe, Asia and Australia. It’s quite astounding the number of options out there from the most basic requirements to the most advanced.

From tents to more fortified options with varying degrees of furnishing and creature comforts like fire places, baths and views, the options are endless and definitely worth a look-in for a Christmas getaway or long weekend. Have a look at what’s on offer at glampinghub.com

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