Get Your Next Car With The Freedom Of Stratton Finance

You’re an adult; the time is night to take the plunge and finally get your first new or used car. But the dollars are what’s stopping you – who has a spare upward of $18,000 to drop on a new set of wheels?

That’s where a car loan by Stratton Finance is your best friend.

Smiling man looking at new car at car dealership

Sure, we’ve had our fair share of rides from time-to-time in the likes of an Audi TT, Honda Jazz and Mini Pacemanbut having the money on hand to make those wheels our own can be quite hard.

In a day and age where it’s more expensive to live than it’s ever been and you can literally eat yourself out of house and home with the cost of food and living, it can be hard to scrounge together the dollars and cents to commit to a new car. Let alone with the ongoing overheads.

Stratton Finance make achieving your goals that much easier, though.

They provide car finance to thousands of Australians each year, making dreams come true and allowing the joy of a first car to an 18-year-old first-time driver to a fully fledged road user of decades, to take hold.

Over the years, Stratton has become the largest vehicle finance broker in the country. Why? The pure benefits a loan with them provides you with, which we’ve listed below. Couple that with the fact they work with pretty decent panel of lenders to find the best deal for each loan seeker to put towards their new car and you’ve got a winning deal. 

Young woman sitting in new car with key in showroom

Here’re the benefits of a loan with Stratton:

  • Flexible contract terms ranging from 12 to 120 months (one to ten years)
  • A balloon value can be applied to the contract enabling the monthly repayments to be tailored to a budget
  • Choice of fixed or variable interest rates
  • Deposit (either cash or trade-in) may be used
  • A tax deduction is available when the vehicle is used for business purposes
  • The loan is secured against the vehicle, allowing lower interest rates






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