Get The Bond Look With Gillette

Gillette is doing something new. They don’t just create boring razors, shavers of men’s products, they innovate and develop, ready to tackle any mission that is any man’s beard or body hair.

That’s why they’re such a great fit with the likes of international superspy and M16 legend, James Bond. He’s smooth, suave, sophisticated and like all men, grows a bit of bristle from time-to-time that without the likes of innovative technologies by leading shaving companies around the world Gillette, would last all too long.

Gillette has this season collaborated with James Bond in his latest endeavour Spectre, in which the super spy takes-on his latest completely infallible, ostentatious and unrealistic enemy around the world. Keeping his suit pressed, face clean and hair in-place, it doesn’t go unnoticed how his grooming is managed, and we’ve got the low-down on how to get the look.

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#1 – Know your Shaving Terrain Understand which parts of your face are the most sensitive and require the most attention such as the side of the neck and upper lip, this is vital for a precise and comfortable shave.

#2 – Grain Shaving System Take time to work out the way your bristle grows on your face, most importantly your sensitive areas such as the upper lip, side of the neck and bottom of the chin. Always follow the growth pattern of your hair to avoid irritation to the skin.

#3 – Prep like a Pro Soften the bristle as best you can by having a warm shower, exfoliating and using a shaving gel such as Gillette Fusion Sensitive 2in1 Skin Gel. Taking the time to prepare properly will help in relaxing and softening the bristle to make it easier for the blade to run over the surface of your skin and those sensitive terrains of the face.

#4 – North to South Once you have determined the growth of your bristle, stretch in the opposite direction from the growth and shave in the direction of the grain to achieve the ultimate close and precise shave. This is particularly helpful on the sensitive terrain of the half-pipe, which most men stretch using their tongue on the inside of their mouth.

#5 – Floating Steel For the perfect shave to release the inner 007, use a precisely engineered razor such as the Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology. Apply little to no pressure on the blade, and let it glide across the face. The objective of the blade is to cut the hair shaft, not drag it, as this is what creates irritation. The razor has a unique FlexBall which allows the blade to pivot, bringing another range of motion to shaving, for better adherence to men’s facial contours. #6 – Post-Shave Love After shaving, always wash residue from your face with cool water to help close pores and apply a moisturising balm to protect the skin. Remember to shave 3-4 times a week to avoid stubble getting too coarse and difficult to shave

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