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For the history buff, the natural beauty buff or just the awesome holiday making buff, Greece ticks so many boxes it’s shorter to make a list of things it doesn’t have to offer.

The Greeks brought to us some of the best bits that we know in the world today: democracy, a lot of the English language and a great reason to travel to the Meditarranean: none so perfect as Santorini.

You know those photos you see all over Instagram of beaches with white sand that kisses water of the deepest blue? Where pristine white buildings sit atop mountains that overlook a seemingly untouched coastline and where the food is so rich and lavish that you just want to jump into the photo and have a taste?

They’re all from Greece. Regardless of where in the country you go, nor which island you might as well pick at random, the country and its people have it going on.

They say that for over 4000 years, Santorini is the greatest rock that has managed to stand the test of time, strong and majestic, rising proudly from the sea and guarding the secrets of the lost city of Atlantis. Makes it sound even cooler, right?

Santorini is one of the biggest tourist drawcards in the world and sees over 1.5 million of them travel through the picturesque island each year. That’s a lot of people. There’s no wonder that through word of mouth alone, the island has risen in popularity and the need for some top-notch and beyond beautiful hospitality options have come about.

Santorini was inhabited until 1600BC when a volcano erupted and buried the island, the city and the people called it home. It wasn’t until much later that civilisation moved back onto the rock and until much, much later that its international popularity erupted in a different way, bringing the great many elements of the island of Santorini to the world.

Greece and its islands like Santorini are popular amongst wedding makers, holiday makers, archaeological nuts and photographers, the coast and island of Santorini  is a poet’s dream; a holiday making recluse’s haven and a tourist’s valhalla.

There are many beautiful and typically ‘Greek’ villas to be hired for one or more night’s accommodation, overlooking some of the most historical land and picturesque coastline the world has known. We’ve picked some of our favourites below that are definitely worth a look-in…

Villa Gaia, Santorini


Like a white, Greek veneered dream, the Villas Gaia in Santorini are about as much a dream accommodation as you could find.

Once a working bakery, Villa Gaia offers some quality volcanic vistas, cooling cavernous interiors and sea views that would make you question whether you’re awake or dreaming.

It’s perfect for a couple or group of friends and consists of two separate liveable homes inside Villa Gaia called Villa Nefeli and Villa Nafsika, split onto two levels. Villa Nafsika remains closed and you can use the hot tub on the lower terrace privately. When rented, you use both houses and both terraces with the hot tub.

Ranging from around $500+ per night, the rooms are equipped with everything that means quality living. With creature comforts like a fully fitted kitchen, separate living spaces, private and cosy bedrooms and a view from essentially every room so you don’t need to continually pinch yourself that you’re actually there, the Villa Gaia is obviously one of the most popular and fabulous options.

Kirini Suites & Spa, Santorini

Kirini Santorini 1

Kirini Santorini 2

kirini-junior-suite (2)

kirini-junior-suite (8)

kirini-suite (4)

Likely another one of the most dreamy accommodation options you’ve ever seen in your life, the Kirini Suites & Spa on the island of Santorini offer some outstanding views and places to hang your hat you’d never have thought existed.

With junior, senior, superior and honeymoon suites, all the bases are covered for a varying range of stays either privately, as a couple or with a group, bringing you as close to the best views Greece from your own Greek villa and its island of Santorini have to offer.

Though a junior suite is the smallest option available at Kirini Suites & Spas, to say it is modest at all is undermining the beauty of the room. At thirty squared metres, a separate bedroom and living space and with accompany balcony with views of the Caldera, the junior suite is far from it.

Made with plush fabrics, luxurious finishings and typically Greek white and blue themes throughout, the Kirini junior suite is a beautiful option as an entry level.

Taking it all the way through on a scale of ‘amazing’ to ‘I can’t even believe it’, the Kirini also offers the Kirini suite for those whose limitations are fewer and whose determination to experience Greece for all its worth knows no bounds.

The Kirini Suite is not just another suite; it’s a magical world full of splendour and beauty, they say. It was designed in an exceptional fresh and contemporary new concept with exceptional spaces that offer visitors a relaxing and serene atmosphere.

The Kirini Suite features an impressive bedroom, a commodious living room bathed in sunlight, a spacious dining area for gourmet pleasures, a luxurious bathroom with shower, an indoor two post Jacuzzi to lay back and unwind and an ample veranda with a private small dip pool to cool off while enjoying the sea view. Just to name a few of the perks.

Priced at around $600 per night, the Kirini’s offering is as top-notch as the best of them and is enough to make you want to move to Greece.

I know I do.

Aegean Villas, Santorini

Aegean Villas, Santorini 1

Aegean Villas, Santorini 2

Aegean Villas, Santorini 3

Located right near one of the renowned archaeological sites in Greece called Akrotiri, the Aegean Villas offer some top quality accommodation offers for the tourists of Santorini.

The Aegean Villas is a complex of luxurious and refined resort style living on a 14,000 square metre slice of hillside land blended into the Caldera landscape. It’s magnanimously opulent.

Each Aegean Villa is about allowing its guests to feel something quite sublime. The favourite element of the villas are the fact they offer a panoramic view of the volcano of the island, half submerged into the Aegean Sea, while overlooking the villages of Fira and Ia as well as succumbing each day to the world famous Santorini sunset.

It’s the kind of thing romance movies are made of.

Accommodating up to six guests in its 150-180 square metres, each two or three-bedroom villa exudes the tranquillity and allure of a Cycladic oasis that has it all.


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