Get (Martini) trollied at Eau De Vie cocktail bar Sydney

It’s a sad truth that in today’s world, there are some people who just don’t like martinis. Crazy, right?

But for anyone who’s been of legal drinking age for more than the past ten years, it’s almost understandable: for too long, the word ‘martini’ brought up memories of trying to force down an ice-cold glass of cheap vodka with a wedge of lemon stuck on the side, looking sadly at the cocktail list and wondering why you just didn’t order a White Russian like everyone else.


Well, that time has passed! No more mouthfuls of salty brine and no more hunks of unripe lemon floating sadly atop a cup of house gin. The martini has had a makeover and its time in the sun is now.

Sydney cocktail institution Eau de Vie Sydney has launched its very own martini trolley service. That’s right: you and yours can perch on a sofa in the lush surrounds of one of the world’s best cocktail bars while a gorgeous, highly-skilled mixologist pushes a trolley from table to table and whips you up a martini right in front of your very face.

Martinis 2

And don’t worry, your options extend far beyond ‘dirty’ and ‘um, the other kind?’.

The Star of Bombay martini trolley lets you select from a range of martinis that run the gamut from sweeter (perfect for anyone just tipping their toe in the martini pool) and drier (perfect for the seasoned martini drinkers who aren’t afraid of a little kick).

Martini Bombay Sapphire

The ingredients in each are a nod to Australian botanicals, and take the classic martini in a number of different, delicious, and completely unexpected directions. Of course, because this is Eau de Vie we’re talking about, the experience wouldn’t be complete without a bit of theatrics: each martini is crafted using liquid nitrogen, to ensure you’re sipping at the ideal, ice-cold temperature.

Spend the evening sipping solo, or bring a friend and work your way through the sample board of four martinis: it’ll only set you back a cool $50, and it will give you the education in martini drinking that you’ve always wanted.

Find out more at the Eau De Vie Sydney website.

Eau De Vie Star Bombay Trolley

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