The discerning gentleman’s guide to Italian liqueur

Everyone loves a drink. And Amaro Montenegro is the one to have.
Here’s how to familiarise yourself with the sartorial man’s drink of choice and convince everyone you’re an expert with this comprehensive guide to Italian liqueur. Naturally. 

Liquor vs. Liqueur

The difference between a liquor and liqueur is relatively simple. For the most part, liqueurs are sweet and syrupy and liquors are not. Liqueurs are sweetened with various oils, exotic spices and extracts, which create a complex, full-bodied aroma. Whereas, liquor is an alcoholic beverage crafted primarily from grains which is fermented into a highly potent drink, often quite one dimensional in taste.
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Beauty with age 

To make things more complicated, some liqueurs’ flavours will drastically change based on the amount of oxygen in the bottle and its exposure to UV sunlight. While there are very few ways that your liqueur can spoil, over time the taste may change completely. As a general rule of thumb, if the bottle is opened frequently, you can expect its life expectancy to last a few months. Though, if it’s opened frequently, one can only assume that you will finish it soon anyway. 

Serving liqueur 

One of the benefits of a jewel-toned liqueur is that it can be served in more ways than one. Like many spirits, liqueurs can be served neat or over ice. Traditionally consumed as an aperitif after a heavy meal, or a pre-dinner palette cleanser, Italian liqueur can also be combined with your favourite non-alcoholic mixers (and let’s be honest, nothing says ‘discerning gentleman’ more than a man that can make a good cocktail). Try Amaro Montenegro’s slightly bitter ‘Monte Mule’ and watch your professional bartender status grow instantly. 
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Monte Mule

Shopping list: 
60ml Amaro Montenegro
20ml Lime juice
3 dashes Peach Bitters
Handful of mint
Top with Ginger beer
Mint sprig to garnish 
Mix it all and drink!
This content was provided by Amaro Montenegro. 

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