General Pants Co. Is Moving To America

Well, General Pants Co.‘s first store has set roots deep in the heart of the US most international of markets and everyone’s losing their shit.

It’s going to open on the bustling La Brea Avenue in LA, will be called ‘The Local‘ and will – in a role reversal that the US isn’t used to thanks to its global takeovers of all its retail mammoths; will stock only Australian brands. Good thing the Yankies love Australian everything, so it’ll go down a treat. Unlike the domestic General Pants Co. stores which cherry pick the best brands from Australia and around the world, “The Local” will only showcase Australian – which are currently amongst the most sought after labels in the US market.

On show in the new 380sqm boutique will be General Pants Co.’s Australian portfolio of brands; Ksubi, Insight, One Teaspoon, Zanerobe, Neuw, Rolla’s, The People Vs, Arvust, Spencer Project, Standard, Alice In the Eve and a select group of new inclusions for this project. Looks like Pip Edwards’ own capsule P.E. Nation line is out for the time being.

Also located on site will be General Pants Co.’s wholesale office and showrooms to further help inject great Australian design into the US market via a select group of renowned retailers.

“With a number of great Australian designers in high demand in America we thought it was time for a multi brand concept to break in. Multi brand retail is nothing new in the States, but we feel there’s room to cut out a niche by keeping the brand mix tight and purely Australian,” said GP’s CEO, Craig King.

Check out more on GP here.

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