Salumi & Cheese Degustation At Gazebo Sydney

There’s dining out. And then there’s dining out. There’s your uncle Roger’s 42nd get together and then there’s ‘I’m-in-the-bad-books-with-the-missus-and-I-had-better-do-something-fantastically-drastic-so-that-she-will-tell-me-where-the-controller-to-the-Playstation-is’.

Rest assured, we have your dining out and ‘fantastically drastic’ right here, ready for you to put into action.

Gazebo, Potts Point Sydney – that’s it in a nutshell – will have everything sorted at the end, Gazebo. Their new offering for spring will have all your woes just fall away as their Salumi & Cheese awakens your palette and nourishes your frail, Playstation devoid body.

With five courses on the menu it’s only fitting that we warn you that this menu brings the goods, be ready for the goods. Do have a smaller lunch before this meal, you do not want to miss one drop of opulent flavour found within this gastronomic experience.

The first course will have your eyes sparkling and mouth watering. The Wagyu bresaola with Tarago River Shadows of Blue cream is an effortless collaboration of a powerful punch and a smooth kick. Paired with an Argentinian Rosé and the whole experience is one of polarized textures and aromatic notes, converging into synergistic bliss.

Sashaying right along, the second course finds you in salami territory but this is not the year 3 salami of your memory. This is gorgeously full flavour, an acute trajectory of spicy goodness and burrata oozing with subtle tones. It is one fabulous balancing act.

As the night unfolds homemade pappardardelle pasta dancing with pancetta and truffles, chicken ballottine wrapped in prosciutto, gloriously cloaked in Woombye Blackall cream sauce and enveloping sage and apricot stuffing, will be your reality, and what a breath taking, sumptuous-immersion-of-flavours reality it will be.

Yet we all know that endings are important. They sit with you long after the Inception movie, play or meal has ended. Gazebo’s ending will have you reminiscing to the stars and singing to your cheese at home. The gorgonzola picante soufflé is something to write home about, in long, adoring letters.

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