Garland Row jewellery

While in its infancy, the talent and aesthetic with which Sydney-based jewellery label Garland Row operates indicates nothing less than the work and passion of a seasoned professional with an eye for finery.

Garland Row is the relatively new baby of designer Sarah Gardner. Its debut collection will launch in winter of 2013, bringing inspirational pieces from the Art Rock girls of the 80s into stunning, tangible jewellery pieces.

With a slight gothic feel to the collection and the inclusion of some truly breathtakingly beautiful precious metals and stones to add statement and beauty to the naked hand and complement the life out of any given outfit, Gardner’s work is nothing to be missed.

Inspired by women who lived on the ‘darker side of life’ in the punk scene decades ago, who have evolved into women that embody luxury, Gardner brings to her collections an insight into ethical design while honing in on the darker and more mysterious aspect of aesthetics.

Using nothing but quality, fine metals and stones, Gardner’s rose gold, sterling silver and white gold pieces are statements alone let alone those embellished with precious stones. Tourmaline, turquoise, chrysoprase and amethyst all feature in the collection, employed by traditional techniques and settings that add quality and custom to every piece.

See the video here.

Garland Row is available locally in Sarah’s Paddington store at 164 Hargrave Street and worldwide online at

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