Frank’s Dirty Little Secret

You know Frank as the fictitious guy behind the renowned coffee scrub.

You know the one… it smells better than the stuff you drink every morning and has even better benefits than you thought.

Well now, Frank has moved into a new realm of body contact. Your face.

For those who’re fussy about what goes on their face, Frank has crafted a uniquely caffeinated facial range that encompasses all that’s good in bathroom collections. With its signature coffee base as one of the key and most important ingredients, the Frank facial range is formulated to fix what’s broken and make you feel good about it.

They recently threw a party in a catchy urban warehouse to celebrate the fact they now stock a creamy face cleanser that looks dirty but is good for the face, a creamy face scrub that is rough and ready and a everyday moisturiser that’s gentle and soothing after a rough workout.

Champagne, cocktails and naturally espresso martinis abounded, heralding just what it means to be caffeinated inside and out all the parts of the body. Green coffee extract is an important ingredient in the Frank range that when coupled with the science of skincare like fatty acids, oils and shea butter, combine to pack a punch your skin won’t know.

Plus it leaves you smelling like an edible human made of coffee. Not bad.

See more about Frank online (WWW).

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