Ford Kuga takes Sydney

Doesn’t matter if you ask a local of a lifetime or a visitor from another city, the Sydney roadways are a nightmare.

But then again, you ask what makes it better and they all say it comes down to what you drive, not how.

Enter the Ford Kuga Titanium, one of the sexiest looking Fords I’ve ever driven that is so well suited to the demands and backward thinking of the Sydney roads that you can’t help but think ‘I need one!’.

You don’t really think of sleek or sexy when you think of Ford as a ‘go-to’, but I’d argue the Ford Kuga challenges that; adding a new dimension of chunky and cool to the traditional Ford family or people-moving four-wheel drive.

In the car, you sit higher than most, drive with more power than most and are treated to the fact that the car essentially does everything for you; which at face value alone is not a bad deal on the ‘sleek’ or ‘sexy’ front.

The Ford Kuga Titanium is the perfect city get about car with a smooth ride and driver’s ease additions that make driving even more second nature.

It looks smaller from the outside than it is when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, and with enough room to more-than comfortably fit two-to-five people, and maybe even a whole lot of weekend bags in the boot, the Ford Kuga is roomy and a great alternative to larger models or more restrictive sportier models. It does all you need for a weekend away, a quick zip down the road or to-and-from through the urban jungle of Sydney’s roads.

They’ve made the operating system on the dashboard as intuitive and easy-to-use as most would be able to. With almost instantaneous bluetooth connectivity, easy keyless entry and both front and rear parking sensors with a screen and park assist, as I said, the car essentially drives itself. All you have to do is push the pedals.

The navigational system is a bit fiddly and time-consuming when it comes to entering addresses, but with a handy ‘recent trips’ list, you have the option of easily revising some of your most preferred locations easily.

You’ve seen the ads with the mother overloaded with shopping, who simply waves her foot under the boot and it springs open? This is that car, which for when you’re in a similar situation as that Mum on the ads – as I was after a visit to Pitt St. Mall – the car almost pays for itself.

It’s a novel addition that you never really realise you need until you have it.

To make the car that much better for the environment, the Ford Kuga is a bit more environmental than most other older models of similar styles of automotive; which for someone who considers themselves environmentally aware, is a great selling point.

With the environment in mind – and driving around a city that is so large it is being forced to follow suit – the almost mandatory engine shut-off system when the car drops below moving speed, makes for an economical drive. So much so, it saw a weekend full of on-road time not even make a dent in the car’s full tank: perfect for the hip-pocket.

Interior-wise the Kuga is as enjoyable to drive as the best of them. With a full panoramic retractable sunroof that even at night lets enough light in to not warrant using the interior lights, sports mode and power steering that means you barely engage any arm muscles as you drive, the Ford Kuga is a soft and efficient drive that is perfect for the urban jungle of the Sydney CBD.

The Kuga has an ANCAP 5-star safety rating (super safe) and ABS as standard. See more of the specs at the Ford website.

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