Driving the Ford Kuga

The perfect combination of puffy, cushiony comfort and enough guts to outrun the most slick of wank-mobiles, the Ford Kuga is – or was, that is to say – my new best friend.

A testament to the idea that Ford hasn’t lost any of its gusto for making cars over the past decade or so, the Ford Kuga is a new addition to its arsenal that is the welcoming beacon to a whole manner of urban SUVs that are taking city driving to a new level.

With enough space for the family if you’re that way inclined, or for the more yuppie driver whose want for room to fill their materialistic need for excess, the Ford Kuga is an impressive diesel-powered almost self-driving machine that makes crossing town on a regular basis enjoyable at worst.

It seamlessly enough goes hand-in-hand with the prolific ad campaigns that flooded the TV a while ago, touting the fact you can open the boot without actually having to touch anything. Makes shopping a breeze, which came in handy.

Technology that is sensitive via proximity and touch means that many feature of the car don’t need fiddling with keys at all; which for those of us who otherwise drive dinosaurs in comparison, is very refreshing.

I took the car for a drive up Mt. Dandenong in Melbourne’s southeast and allowed the Ford Kuga to really shine. It was as much the comfy chariot of exploration as its supposed to be and put into perspective how much the added safety features and driving perks it has on-hand benefit any trip.

One of my favourite features of the car is its included built-in warning systems for changing lanes and head-checks all of which play their part in eliminating the ‘idiot-factor’.

By way of visual alerts and a shuddering steering wheel, the Ford Kuga’s efforts in keeping you driving the way you intended and avoiding chaos where possible means that in addition to being in a car that’s bigger and more protective than most, you’re more likely to avoid any little hiccups the roads can throw at you.

It’s loaded with other comforts like heated seats, a fully retractable sun roof, electronic seats, full Bluetooth connectivity, automatic lights and wipers and is also meant to park itself.

I’m a big supporter of technology in cars, but this was admittedly one little piece of it I was apprehensive to try. I’m old school like that.

Over all, a brilliant car, comfy, beyond safe, practical and spacious, the Ford Kuga is a very nice addition to Australian roads.

For the car geeks, see specifications here.


Ford Kuga - THE F - 1

Ford Kuga - THE F - 4

Ford Kuga - THE F - 3

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