Dinner from Endulj is something everyone needs at least once in their life

With the proliferation of different food delivery services and apps, it’s hard to find a point of difference. Unless you’re Endulj.

They’re a new delivered dining service that borrows recipes from some of Melbourne’s best chefs including Frank Camorra (Movida), Victor Liong (Le Ho Fook), Adrian Li (Saigon Sally & Tokyo Tina) and is headed up my Executive Chef Matt Germanchis (Pei Modern & The Fat Duck).

Endulj does things a little differently, unlike other delivery services, it manages the order, creation and delivery of each dish, and allows you to order from multiple restaurants at the same time. If you’re like me and have ever been in a situation where you’re ordering delivery with friends and you’re specifically craving Italian food and everyone else says they want Asian and then you have to cave to the majority, then rest-assured that your time has now come.

What’s even better is that there is a wine-list specially curated by esteemed sommelier Ainslie Lubbock.

Wine and food delivery?! Take my money!

It’s handy for those nights when you really want to treat yourself to nice food, but you’re already in your pyjamas and the idea of leaving the house is just too much. Or you’ve pulled a Mrs. Doubtfire while trying to cook for bae and everything goes wrong – well now you now have your friends at Endulj to send over some of the best eats that you could dream of. The food has been specially chosen and designed to travel so when you sit down to eat, the taste of your food is on par with your expectations that come with such impressive names that are found on the menu.

We were given a chance to take the menu for a test-drive and were not disappointed. For entrees we chose the Wagyu Beef Tataki, the Lee Ho Fook Chinese Potato Salad and the Tokyo Tina Karaage Corn Balls – the dishes were flavoursome, had a good mixture of textures, and, most importantly, were mouth-wateringly delicious.

For our main we tried 38 Chairs’ Lasagna di Zucca con cicale di mare (lasagne with pumpkin and Morton bay bugs) as well as Saigon Sally’s Midnight Curry with Rockling. The dishes were well-balanced and cooked to perfection.

For dessert we treated ourselves to Pei Modern’s flourless choclate cake with hazelnut ganache and mini cinnamon donuts. There are no words for these – I’m still fantasising about them. To pair with our meal we went with the suggested Rosé and we were not disappointed. It complimented all of our dishes perfectly.

What Endulj is trying to do is bring the restaurant experience home to you, with a large range of options on its menu and suggested wine pairings. It also manages to do this without the hefty price-tag that usually comes with a night out in a fine dining restaurant. So next time you find yourself ordering delivery why not treat yourself to something new and different and especially designed to travel well?

If Mrs. Doubtfire is already using it then why aren’t we all really?




Mrs Doubtfire, 20th Century Fox

Image: 20th Century Fox






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