Flickerfest is back!

Flickerfest is the innovative home of great short film and its set to sway, race, encapsulate and squeeze our hearts. You should head to Bondi where a multitude of gobsmackingly enthralling short films are ready to tell you stories you’ll never forget.

We all remember the first five minutes of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, most of our souls were moved beyond the ability to squeak out anything. The mesmerising and intimate shot of a rough and calloused hand weaving through a field of wheat, followed by the poignant and piercing blue eyes of Crowe at his best. Oh still our beating hearts! But Ridley and the epic we quote on the daily had to start somewhere. There had to be a beginning to “are you not entertained?”.

And that’s where Flickerfest comes in. A place for up and coming directors, writers, actors, camera operators, stunt drivers and the works, to roll up their sleeves and create stories that abound in imagination, creativity, quirk, emotion and uniqueness.

While most of us dream of creating epics that’ll tear apart the hearts of audiences across the globe or raise the dreams of a nation to the highest heavens, many of us rarely get off our bottoms to get the deed done. Flickerfest showcases over 100 cutting edge shorts from the world’s most exciting emerging filmmakers.

Covering every genre imaginable and some that aren’t, Flickerfest highlights Australian and international filmmakers pushing the conventions of film and narrative to place in our agog eyes, ears and hearts, thrilling, inspiring and every other adjective possible, short films.

The Flickerfest festival runs over 10 days in Bondi and then is set to hit the road on their 50+ venu ntional tour, reaching some of Australia’s most rural communities. Believing every community and creative should have access to inspiration and story-telling, Flickerfest has puts its weight behind initiatives of inclusion and community.

Flickerfest is a powerful example of Australians providing a place of phenomenal and dynamic creativity. We may be a smaller Arts scene than other nations but it is a bustling, innovative and daring one. Flickerfest is where the incredible short films are at.

Head to the Bondi Pavilion to get your full of the wonders of Flickerfest.

Festival ends night of the 15th of January. See more here.






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