How Eating 5.4 Means Never Having To Think About Food Again

There are seemingly thousands of home-delivery pre-packaged food services out there in Australia these days, right? If it’s not Weight Watchers, it’s Light ‘n’ Easy, but none of all of them are quite as thought-about and proactive in their delivery than FivePointFour¬†(5.4).


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It’s the meal-plan baby of Brisbane boy Ben Doolan, who’s self-proclaimed lifestyle and body-conscious and results-driven living standard was enough to kick-off a business that converts his passion for health and healthy living into a business to share his enthusiasms.

5.4 provide prepared meals to individuals who want to lose weight, gain muscle, maintain their shape or are athletes looking to achieve certain goals and calorie intakes. All these meals are tailor made to suit specific goals and come in a range of offerings to keep the deliveries interesting.
FivePointFour is a community of lifestyle driven, health-conscious individuals that comprise of a group of busy young professionals, working parents to fitness fanatics. They cater for people who want to eat healthy and achieve their ideal health and fitness.
What makes them different, though, is that they are purely goal-focused and go to the ends of the earth to support their clients in achieving their ideal health and fitness. Sometimes yeah, for example if you opt for the men’s weight-loss plan for example, the food can come across a bit… bland, but rest assured, in a day-and-age where the understanding behind weight loss is that 20% of it comes from exercise and the remaining 80% comes from nutrition, you know it’s worthwhile and 5.4 delivers the best of it.
Freezer-ready immediately and edible within microwavable minutes, it’s a simple option for the inner-city apartment liver, the hater-of-cooking or the oversized gent looking to drop a few kilos OR bulk-up.
Up to you, but check out the meals here.








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