La Traviata 2018 Opera Australia room

Find out what really goes on behind the curtains at the opera this March

Just what exactly does go on behind the curtain on stage of one of the world’s largest and most successful opera companies, Opera Australia?

It’s a mystery… Until now.

La Traviata 2018 Opera Australia poker

For only the second time in the company’s 62-year history, Opera Australia is leaving the curtain open during the genuinely incredible four-minute scene change between scenes 1 and 2 of Act II of Verdi’s La Traviata (on until 27 March at the Sydney Opera House) giving the you a glimpse of how the magic really happens in taking the set from this…

To this!

La Traviata 2018 Opera Australia living room

For the performance scheduled on the one night only of 12 March, the 30 La Traviata stage hands and set designers will leave the curtains open during the set change, allowing the packed house audience to witness the four-minute magic unfold.

Until the launch of the first open curtain scene change in 2017, the curtain has always been closed and the audience are literally left in the dark to ponder the emotionally wrenching ‘country garden scene’ with Violetta and Alfredo’s father, while the crew work their magic.

Get your tickets to see the timeless classic that is La Traviata by Opera Australia here.

Get a taste of the set change below…

Opera Australia La Traviata set change

La Traviata 2018 Opera Australia tenor

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