Alis wedding film review

Film review: Ali’s Wedding

It’s an interesting time for the release of Ali’s Weddingbilled as Australia’ first Muslim romantic comedy.

But the film by director Jeffrey Walker (the second Bronson on Round the Twist, for those who remember)  is sure to generate an equal amount of laughter and thoughts on racial and religion identity in Australia.

The lead character Ali – played by writer Osamah Sami, who based the film on his real-life experiences – is under pressure from his Muslim family to get married to a woman of their choosing.

Instead, he pursues a forbidden romance with Dianne – to the point where he pretends to enrol in the University of Melbourne’s medical school to see her – and hilarity ensues.

What’s remarkable about the film is that most of its most unbelievable and hilarious moments – including the show-stopping opening scene and a hilarious misunderstanding at US Customs – actually happened to Sami in real life.

Ali’s Wedding does a brilliant job of illustrating prejudices both about and within Australian Muslim communities, and challenging some of the stereotypes we have around diverse communities in Australia.

Alis Wedding Muslim romantic comedy

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