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How to make a Feeney’s G&T for Mum this Mother’s Day

It’s not often you’d think to mix and Irish whiskey cream liqueur with gin, sweetened syrup and chamomile tea to make a drink that would knock your Mother’s socks off for Mum’s Day, right?

Well, Feeney’s – a new player to the Irish cream liqueur – have taken that supposition and turned it on its head, proving you can do that and make it taste damn well amazing.

Introducing the Feeney’s G-and-Tea

To coincide with the launch of Feeneys Irish Liqueur, the novel cocktail is something special just for Mum and presents a modern twist on the classic G&T. Whether mum plans on spending the day relaxing or has an action-packed schedule, this Feeney’s G&Tea Cocktail is sure to help her toast her special day – her way.

For more info. visit their website.

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