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The Father’s Day gift that won’t cost you a thing: cure thinning hair

Father’s Day is fast approaching, but like most, if you’re stuck on ideas for what to get the old man, then look no further because chances are, it might be closer than you thought and mightn’t cost you a thing.

Most fathers suffer from that genetic condition called ‘masculinity’, which means they tend to lose their hair or go a bit thinner on top, which isn’t ideal for them. Thankfully, Philips shaving and grooming ambassador and hairstylist Jules Tognini has all the simple hacks to pass on to the Dad to keep his head as lush as possible.

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HACK ONE: If your hairline is receding, don’t hang on to it! Those fourteen hairs are not going to make your hairline look any thicker. If anything, it will make you look balder. Instead get your hairdresser or barber to strengthen your hairline by buzzing those hairs off. If your hairline is one centimetre, it will keep it looking strong, thick and full.

Man hair head red jumperHACK TWO: Drop the comb. To achieve a voluminous and textured look, use your hairdryer, a salt spray and your fingers to style damp hair upwards as it dries and avoid heavy styling products that will weigh down your hair and make it look flat. Go for a clay or styling powder instead.

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HACK THREE: Remember prevention is the cure. If your hair is only thinning you can always save it and get it back. Look into hair loss products sooner than later, because once it is gone – it’s gone!

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HACK FOUR: A cheeky and cheap little tip to keep your hair alive and healthy, is to message your scalp regularly. This will help to increase blood flow and keeps your hair roots healthy and therefore will continue to grow strong.

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HACK FIVE: A good haircut is a must. Letting your hair grow out will accentuate thin hair, so stay short and add a little texture. If your hair is longer, ask the barber for a textured finish to make your hair look thicker.

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