The Fashionable Cocktail

Jane Rocca is no stranger to the written word. A prominent Melbourne-based fashion and music writer, her repertoire has expanded to that of the cocktail as she recently launched herself into the highest echelons of cocktail mastery and merriment.

The Fashionable Cocktail is the third in her line of books by Jane Rocca, as she masters the all too often tumultuous world of book publishing.

A wonderful addition to any man’s bar, back room, kitchen cook book array or for topping-up on general knowledge on all that’s good about drinking, alcohol and writing oneself off, Rocca’s new book, The Fashionable Cocktail is a bible of doing all that and more, but in a chic and stylish way.

It launched to the public recently at an intimate party in Melbourne hosted by ex-fashion editor of The Age newspaper, Janice Breen-Burns.

THE F went along for the ride.




Photos courtesy of Emily Foenander for THE F.

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