Fashion Palette Sydney 2017 THE F runway black white

Pay attention to the trends with Fashion Palette Sydney

Fashion Palette’s latest event showcased the artistry Australia’s treasured homegrown labels alongside the brightest emerging labels at the beginning of their global journey.

The antiquity and grandeur of The Art Gallery of NSW juxtaposed the fresh, clean palette of the Spring/Summer 17/18 collection.

Square silk scarfs hung like vibrant tableaus in the foyer, reminding guests that fashion has the ability to transcend its purpose as clothing and become more akin to wearable art.

Sass and Bide set the tone for an evening of high-energy fashion. In a seeming homage to original designers Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton, their new season revived of the sculptural and embellished features of classic Sass and Bide pieces we know and love.

Sass Bide Fashion palette Sydney THE F

Crisp white textures, fringe detailing and silken silhouettes are on the horizon this spring season.

Turquoise sequined pants broke through the monochromatic aesthetic, injecting an element of playfulness into the detailed sophistication.

Alin Le’ Kal reimagined the floral femininity of the school formal dress with ornate detailing and embroidery. His bridal gown, after a quick flounce from the designer himself (not to be missed in his vivacious magenta blazer), was greeted by collective awe and hurried attempts to capture the moment on social media.

Fashion Palette Sydney 2017 THE F alin le kal

Fashion Palette Sydney 2017 THE F alin le kal gown

The attention was certainly in the details, with crème textured skirts, sheer drapery and asymmetrical hemlines weaving a thread throughout all the collections.

If the temperamental winter weather has been getting you down, then swimwear labels Wild Pony and Heaven will have you dreaming of idyllic warmer days. Heaven Swimwear proved how minimum fabric can be maximised through neon accents or the use of a surfboard as a mode of transportation.

Devroe brought back the sultry textured fringe, having us all booking appointments with our hairdressers the very next day for a fresh chop. Copper and bronze hues added a shimmering warmth to the model’s visages, channeling the classic Aussie surfer vibe.

All eyes were on the Real Housewives and reality show starlets who surprisingly maintained warm cordiality throughout the evening, allowing the true drama to emanate from the runway.

Yet, despite Sass and Bide’s avant-garde collection, many of the labels relied on traditional lacklustre shapes, Camilla-esque kaftans sans the Swarovski crystals and simplistic patterns. Parts of the show seemed unfortunately out of sync with the experimentation and audacity usually woven into every fibre of Aussie fashion.

This contrast made the more adventurous outfits seem even stronger and thoughtfully considered. Designers who know have mastered their artistic palette illustrate fashion’s capability to elevate itself from items of clothing into a form of creative expression.

Fashion Palette Sydney 2017 THE F heaven swimwear

Fashion Palette Sydney 2017 THE F heaven swimwear earphones

Fashion Palette Sydney 2017 THE F heaven swimwear surfboard

Fashion Palette Sydney 2017 THE F sexy men nude

All images by Will Taylor Photography, exclusively for THE F.

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