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The fashionista’s guide to reorganising your wardrobe and keeping it that way

So, if you’re anything like me and like to buy a lot of bags, shoes and clothes yet find it hard to know how to organise them, then continue reading. Perhaps your partner is sick of the amount of space you require to house your vast collection or maybe your wardrobe is looking untidy and requires some reorganising. Whatever the reason, today is your lucky day. We’ve collaborated with a professional personal stylist and put together eight tips for organising your wardrobe so your favourite items stay tidy, easy to locate and protected.

Using thinner hangers can make a huge difference

The size of the clothes hangers you choose to use can really help you to fit a larger amount of clothing in your wardrobe. Choosing slimline hangers means you will be able to fit a larger number into your wardrobe or clothing rail. You can also find hangers that are designed to fit several items on just one hanger.

Double hang your clothing

Another great space saver is to double hang your clothes. If you have a large sweater or jumper that you often wear with one of your favourite coats then hang these items together. Not only does hanging your clothing in this way save on space but it is also a great way of remembering your favourite outfit combinations.

Keep similar items in the same area

Organising your wardrobe by keeping similar styles together can make finding certain items so much quicker and easier. For instance, hang all of your dresses on one side of the rail and all of your jumpers on the other side. If you want to go a step further, you could also organise each section even further. For example, all of your denim jeans are together and then organised by the different washes (ie. from lightest wash to darker washes and black jeans are at the very end).

Fold away items that are less likely to crease

Consider which items of clothing are better suited to being stored in cupboards or shelving. Shorts and skirts are often better suited to being folded away as they are shorter and therefore require less folding. Items such as denim shorts, for example are usually also made out of thicker materials such as denim and so are less likely to crease.

Closet cluttered with clothes

Store your bras back-to-back

Bras can be tricky to store neatly and can often leave your underwear drawer looking untidy. One of the best ways to keeping your bra’s organised and therefore making your favourites easier to locate is to store them back to back. Sit all of the cups in one direction and inside of one another. Keeping your bra’s like this uses up less space and protects your favourite pieces from becoming squashed and misshapen.

Store Shoes and boots back to back

Shoes and boots can be quite bulky items to store and take up quite a bit of room. Shelving is often the perfect place to store your shoe collection as it stops your shoes from being laid on top of one another and you should get a better view of your collection. One way to fit more pairs onto each shelf is to place your shoes back to back instead of side by side. Not only does this save on space but it allows you to see the front and back of each pair making it easier to quickly see which shoes will go with your outfit.

Store your stilettos in rows

Storing your stilettos and heeled sandals in front of one and other rather than side by side can also really save on space. Sit both shoes in front of each other facing the same direction with the heel of the front shoes sitting inside the shoe at the back.

Invest in a shelving unit to house your beloved handbags

There are so many different opinions on the best way to store your handbags. I find that investing in a shelving unit allows you to keep them all in one place whilst being able to quickly see your entire collection in one place. Storing the bags side by side, with the original stuffing or dust bag inside of the bag is one of the best ways to stop the bags from being squashed. Using the original dust bag to stuff your handbags also means that if you are going away on holiday, you can easily locate the dust bag which will protect the handbag whilst it is packed away in your luggage.



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