Fashion First series with Pip Edwards – Episode 2

Sydney never fails to disappoint.

Pip Edwards with Visa Fashion First took to the streets of trendy Sydney suburb, Darlinghurst and asked the rabble they found who was wearing what and why.

As the weather gets colder and the need to rug up more kicks in, seasonal trends are thick on the ground as most boys and girls try to look cool while keeping warm.

Black on black, layered tops for the ladies, smart shirts for the gents and lots of cropping of everything with a unique printed look in addition to fitted jeans, nice shoes and warm, stylish colours are most notable while the opportunity for the wearer’s own flair shines through.

Edwards and VISA visited one of Sydney’s best small bars, The Passage, where ladies were even braving the cool degrees with cropped tees.

Shortly after they hit the Courtyard Bar where some top tips from Sydney-siders on where they love to shop online spill out and funky new outfits are found.

When it comes to sniffing out a funky winter outfit, Sydney’s got it going.

See the video here.

VISA Fashion First 

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