Fashion Exposed hosts Alex Perry

One of Australia’s biggest and most touted names in fashion and couture design, Alex Perry made his presence known at Melbourne’s Fashion Exposed industry fair, bringing the tale of his hardships and successes on designing in Australia, to the stage.

Talking on the state of designing in Australia, it was a part-rant, part informed tale of the hardships designers in Australia find themselves in with the saturation of the fashion industry and retail market, the at times difficult-to-navigate employment laws and what ways designers can work to stand out from the crowd.

Having Alex Perry’s experience comes, as we learnt, at no easy cost. Over twenty years of hard work, seven days per week, countless nights filled with sketching and stitching, Perry worked long, hard hours to get to the position he is now in. To be perfectly honest, having now heard the time and energy he puts into his namesake label, I hate him and his arrogant attitude significantly less.

Fashion Exposed made a great move in hosting the designer to shed some light on not only the Australian fashion and design market, but how it takes its turn in playing on the economy of Australia and the wallets of Australians.

Fashion Exposed is all about exposing designers, shoe and bag makers and bringing them all together under one roof for buyers, media, directors and trendsetters to gather, collate and plunder.

Held annually, it’s a great testament to some of the clever and promising design and retail mettle we have on the up-and-up.

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