Man tanned foot legs on beach

Fake tans for dudes is now a lot easier with Baked

The sun’s gone for summer and the skin’s crying out for that sun-kissed glow, so good thing there are other options to achieve it that don’t involve roasting yourself in the harsh Australian sun.

Get BKED with BAKED .

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Meet BAKED fake tan for men. A nice men’s targeted natural-looking, fast-acting and nice-smelling option for a glow to last you all year round, mimics how your skin would look if you were lying out in the sun on a summer day. Win!

Founded in Perth, in 2015 BAKED came about by two young men with a strong vision to redefine the tanning industry and create products specifically for men.

The original BAKED self tanning line is about keeping things simple whilst creating impeccable results. They understand the needs of the modern man delivering what he wants and needs in a tan. Check out more at their website.

Happy Saturday ? Have a great weekend!

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