Faces of SKYY Vodka

Skyy Vodka was on the hunt for its new faces of the leading vodka brand recently. Read about it here.

It has found them.

Three girls hit the town, had their photo taken and won the right to be the face of Skyy vodka, proving that they live life full volume, seizing every opportunity that comes their way.

I had a chance to chat with the winners who won a cheque for $1000, a year’s subscription to RUSSH Magazine and a case of Skyy Vodka…

Emma-Jane Conboy


How does it feel to have won something as awesome as being the face of Skyy Vodka?

During our lifetime we come across certain opportunities that may only come along once and I believe to live life to its fullest we must seize the day and give everything a go at least once, otherwise how else would you be given the chance to achieve greatness, success and happiness. This is why I entered the Face Of Skyy Vodka as I believe life is full of opportunities to have awesome adventures, meet new people and experience new things and what better way to be able to do that, by entering this competition and by doing that I was giving myself the chance to live life in a completely new way to which I had never done before. I mean how much better can it get being the face of Skyy Vodka on billboards!

Where will your $1000 go?

What better way to live life to its fullest than travel. To purchase a plane ticket and travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. There is so much more out there to experience, new people to meet and so much to learn about other cultures. This is why I chose to use my $1000 towards a trip to Vietnam and Thailand next January for 3 weeks traveling throughout both countries with two other close friends experiencing everything life has to offer and having amazing adventures along way.

Of course, we always encourage people to drink responsibly, but how long do you think your case of Skyy will last?

To receive the case of Skyy Vodka has been a real treat. My friends and I love to have girls nights out a couple times a month and we are all very excited for the fact the we can use the Skyy Vodka to make all our favourite cocktails that are fresh, a combination of sweet and sour and that will definitely give us the opportunity to spend time together having fun making the cocktails, laughing, chatting creating fun memories to talk about for years to come.

How do you define a great night out?

To me to have a great night out is to surround yourself with fun loving, energetic, carefree, social people whether they are friends or people you meet out, you just want to be able to head out on the town and enjoy yourself.

A lot of the time the funniest moments I have had on a night out is the pre drinks and getting ready with friends beforehand, I could pull off the top of my head some hilarious memories I have had with my girlfriends whilst making cocktails, drinks and doing each others hair and make up.

Sydney or Melbourne?

To ask whether I prefer Melbourne or Sydney is definitely a hard question to put forward too a Melbournian as I will always have a bias towards Melbourne and unfortunately haven’t had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in Sydney. However after been given the amazing opportunity thanks to Skyy Vodka recently I was able spend the day in Sydney and what an amazing day it was, beautiful weather, amazing scenery and lovely people it was as if I was being teased, leaving me wanting more!

Both cities are like chocolate and cheese; two indulgent delights that people either both enjoy or prefer one more to the other. Sydney seems to be the type of city that is quite spectacular during the day with the type of weather that keeps you feeling comfortably warm allowing you to be able to enjoy the outdoors even in the heart of winter whilst Melbourne comes alive at night, the nightlife in Melbourne is amazing and there are just so many places to be discovered.

Now that your face will be seen by thousands, where to from here?

It just seems so surreal that my face is going to be seen by thousands! It was just today that my cousins’ girlfriend who lives in Sydney wrote on my Facebook wall telling me how amazed she was to see my face up on a huge billboard in Sydney whilst she was driving. To be the face of Skyy Vodka will definitely give me the opportunity to take part in a variety of events and social gatherings to do with either music, fashion, city night life and beauty etc. all of which I have always had great deal of interest in, only now I have got the chance to take these interests further by interacting with others who have similar if not the same interests. One thing I have l always wanted to try and I guess have always pushed it to the side is Modeling and I feel now that I have been given the confidence boost after receiving all those votes and having my face up on a Skyy Vodka I would love to see where that would take me.

Teale Blessington


How does it feel to have won something as awesome as being the face of Skyy Vodka?

Extremely surreal, I still remember being at the Skyy Vodka “Live Full Volume” launch campaign at Ivy and my friend and I decided as a bit of fun that we would get our photos taken in the Skyy Vodka booth but I never thought that this would eventuate.

As corny as it sounds, I’m definitely feeling Skyy high.

Where will your $1,000 go?

As much as I’d love to put it towards my savings (or lack thereof) I’ve already managed to purchase a gorgeous Kookai bag. I have plans to go to Europe next year so if I can contain myself I will definitely consider putting the rest towards my travels.

Of course, we always encourage people to drink responsibly, but how long do you think your winning case of Skyy Vodka will last?

I took a bottle to a friend’s place for dinner one night, and by the end of the night the bottle was empty (mind you this was between five of us). The other five bottles I plan to use towards a cocktail night with my girlfriends. My date with Skyy Vodka the other day involved learning how to make amazing Skyy Vodka cocktails so I would love to share my mixology skills with the girls.

How do you define a great night out?

One without expectations, Que sera sera! I had the tendency to plan a night out so much that because it sounded so great the moment something didn’t go to plan I was devastated. My best friend Lauren has taught me to just roll with it and ever since I’ve had amazing nights out regardless of the club or the crowd.

Sydney or Melbourne?

Need you ask? For me it has and always will be Sydney. Sydney is iconic with its harbour, its nightlife and lifestyle, its beaches and even its weather. Melbourne can’t compare. Sorry guys.

Now that your face will be seen by thousands, where to from here?

I have no intention of losing sight of my goals such as finishing my degree or travelling next year. However, I’ve always believed in making the most of every opportunity. I’m really keen to see what will take place in the next few months to come and definitely excited to get out there and Live even more Full Volume whatever that entails.




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