Exactly how to Do Less and Be More

In this day and age, it’s easy to lose yourself.

We have too many jobs, find the shoes we’re trying to fill get insurmountably bigger and the hunger for higher paying jobs, endless to-do lists and colossal aspirations make us seem inundated and like we’re drowning. All the time.

That’s why the book, Do Less Be More by Martina Sheehan and Susan Pearse, is a life-saver. It teaches us how to do exactly that and it’s a god-send.

Do Less Be More authors

Do Less Be More explores how to unleash your greatest potential by banning busyness and making space for what’s most important to you. Based on the latest brain research, you’ll find out why your mind works better and your productivity improves when you slow down, say no, stay still, and embrace silence.

Do Less Be More

You may think you don’t have any time in your life to do more of what matters, but the 21 simple exercises in this book, such as as keeping a ‘not-to-do’ list and pressing your ‘inner pause button’ will help you reclaim space for fresh ideas, deep insights, and true meaning.

So ban busy, slow down, and live an inspired life.

Get it from Hay House Australia here.

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