Emporium Melbourne Reimagined

At LAST in what has been speculated and talked about for months-and-months on end in Melbourne’s – and largely, Australia’s – retail and fashion circles, Emporium Melbourne has been successfully reimagined and opened to the public. More or less.

Though it seems it’s only around 50% complete – only half of its planned 225 shops are open – the new jewel in Melbourne’s retail offering sits right in the centre of the CBD and should be fully complete in terms of retailers moving-in by August when its second phase is complete.

With new retailers that are yet to be seen in any great way, shape or form in Australia yet such as Timberland, Ted Baker London, Michael Kors, Muji and many more, Emporium Melbourne will be a great new introduction for many to a market that is sure to be as multicultural and varied as the food, beauty, fashion and lifestyle stores the shopping centre houses.

Built as what I am dubbing Melbourne’s answer to Sydney’s Westfield, the Emporium lacks the sterling marble surfaces everywhere, but has a very distinctly Melbourne feel, carried all the way through to its unique Cafe-style food court and cosy little nook-like walkways and looping isles. It’s kind of like a fashionable maze.

Still, excitement and buzz aside, it didn’t warrant enough enthusiasm from the shopping community who weren’t to be seen breaking down the doors or rapping at the windows to get inside and have a taste. Yet.

Once phase two is complete, the kilometres of steel-clad hoarding are removed and retailers are pumping in stock as fast as they can pump it out, things will change. Until then, we sit back and enjoy the exciting new developmental times that are taking place in Melbourne, putting the city and its stylish (enough) inhabitants very much on the international map.

For now, either visit it between Lt. Bourke and Lonsdale or see more about Emporium Melbourne at emporiummelbourne.com.au

Emporium Melbourne 1

Emporium Melbourne 2

Emporium Melbourne 3

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