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Protect your phone from the elements, with an Element

There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind that comes with a safely protected smartphone and thanks in large part to Element Cases, creators of premium smart phone accessories, it’s now a lot more accessible and a lot more safe.

They have announced the newest addition to their premium Machine Series line and it’s pretty robotronically epic. It’s called the M7.

Element Case M7
This aggressively bold M7 iPhone case (RRP AU $399.95) is designed to securely protect your phone with a fully CNC machined enclosure that is virtually impossible to break, bend or twist. This limited-edition model will launch globally from 4 April in two colours, Stealth Black and OD Green.

Of course, if you can’t afford the bold and mighty option that is the M7, but still need something that will keep the safety and security of your piece close-at-hand, the ‘Sector‘ element case will do just that.

It’s light, strong, easy-to-install and has that strong, “I won’t let you down” kind of vibe about it. Its composite and alloy materials reinforce a polycarbonate sub-frame to create a phone cover that is rigid and light, to resist twisting and bending.

Element case Sector details

The cover has a removable top and bottom end, to allow the phone to slip easily into the main part of the case, later secured by simply sliding the additional bits into place and is carbon fibre reinforced so you know it won’t lose its integrity with your first, second, etc. drop onto any hard surfaces.

Element case Sector iphone cover removable top and bottom

It’s a quality cover that comes in plenty of colours and won’t break the bank, coming in at only $179.95. It’s easy to install, looks like it could withstand a bomb blast and proves it does so through just day-to-day trial and error, so you know it’s a good buy.

Check out more at the website.

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