Edited; naturally. Fjorde Magazine’s natural beauty

A little of exciting news I simply had to share.

You mightn’t know, but as of July 2012, I officially joined the editorial team of local a Melbourne online publication called Fjorde Magazine. It focused on emerging designers, creatives, musicians, artists and anything else that tickles its fancy and fits within its remit, while offering some of Melbourne’s finest writers a platform from which they can showcase their talent.

Yesterday, edition ten was published with my name alongside the ‘editors’ title. You can imagine my excitement.

This issue was entitled ‘Natural Beauty’ and focuses on natural products, foods, living arrangements and designers that use natural fibres in their wares. It also offered a photo shoot to a young Melbourne girl by the name of Kate Shelton, who after winning a Fjorde Facebook competition to be ‘the next face of Fjorde’, was awarded the shoot and the cover of the natural beauty edition.

Kate is not a model, but Australia spoke and we responded. Kate had secured the most Facebook ‘likes’ of the photo she uploaded to the Fjorde wall, so the eight pager was hers. She’s such a cute face and free spirit, we couldn’t have been awarded anyone better.

We are so pleased with this issue. The stories are great, photographs stunning and layout impeccable.

Keep your eyes on www.fjordemagazine.com for our next work. Like the magazine’s Facebook page for constant updates or follow it on Twitter @FjordeMagazine.

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  1. You are such a Star!
    And isn’t Fjorde Mag just fabulous… Congrats on your new and very exciting role x